4 mile ground station flight


Used a DJI ground station to program GPS coordinates to my quadcopter. Once data is uploaded via iPad, the Quadcopter flies the programmed mission. I was able to follow the flight path using my flytrex live

Camera(s) Used:
Gopro hero 3 black

Data Source(s):
Flytrex live

Paragliding in São Vicente/SP – Brazil


First video using Dashware while paragliding in São Vicente beach, São – Paulo Brazil. Camera(s) Used: Gopro Black Hero 3+ Data Source(s): Flymaster GPS

Arducopter + GoPro + DashWare Gauge Overlay = Awesome

Cool Arducopter video showing flight mode, speed, altitude, satellite count, distance, GPS, battery and ascent.

One of the coolest things about working at DashWare is seeing new videos posted from all over the world.  My favorite part Jörg Kampmann’s video is watching the Arducopter draw a circle on the map when he changes the flight mode to […]

Octocopter with Flytrex Chasing Ships

Johnny Truesdell chases ships down the river with his custom octocopter.  Data is from a Flytrex module.  Video from a GoPro.  Every piece of speed, heading, distance, and position data you can imagine are displayed.

Hang Gliding Over Japan

You don’t have to speak Japanese to appreciate this video.  Hanpara’s use of altimeter, map, velocity and time overlays as well as a cool camera angle make this a fun video to watch.

Tutorial Showing How to Add Flytrex Data to GoPro Video


Frank created this video for fellow Flytrex enthusiasts.  In it, he shows how to overlay gauges on GoPro video taken from his DJI Phantom.

DJI Phantom with Flytrex Telemetry Overlay on GoPro Video

Frank D’Amato flying his DJI Phantom with altimeter, latitude/longitude, map and bearing overlays.  Data is from his Flytrex logger and video is from his GoPro.  Frank is an advanced DashWare user who has created several tutorials for his Flytrex friends.