Synchronization Tutorial, Sample File Download and Advice

This tutorial demonstrates how to perform a video and data synchronization using sample files.  Watch full screen for best quality.

TIP: This method works for drones, bikes and all other things that move. For flight, please sync based on the initial change in attitude after takeoff.
TIP 2: You can also sync by capturing the […]

How to Edit and Create Gauges

This tutorial provides an introduction to gauge customization.  In it, you will see how to change the color and scale of existing gauges.

Video Overlay Software Demonstration

DashWare is the number 1 video overlay software solution worldwide for displaying data on video.  This demonstration shows how easy it is for athletes, hobbyists, scientists and professionals at all levels use DashWare to display their adventure and accomplishment data on video.  The car in this demonstration is a Triumph TR4 driven by one of our DashWare developers.

The […]

How to Import and Export Gauges

DashWare always allowed users to create custom gauges. Now, you can easily share them with friends and make copies using our new import/export feature.  You will need version 1.5 or higher. Get the latest version of DashWare from our download page.

Tutorial Showing How to Add Flytrex Data to GoPro Video


Frank created this video for fellow Flytrex enthusiasts.  In it, he shows how to overlay gauges on GoPro video taken from his DJI Phantom.

Creating a Chroma Key (Green Screen) Gauge Overlay for Use with Video Editors


This tutorial shows how to create a chroma key (green screen) gauge video from DashWare for use with Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas and similar video editing software.  The tutorial was created by our friend and customer, Chris Sgaraglino, in response to multiple inquiries into how he created his Youtube videos.