Rallycross valkenswaard


Onboard with Steve Volders during Belgian and Dutch championship. data coming from motec mcu…

Camera(s) Used:

Data Source(s):
Motec mcu and gps logger

BMW E30 323i at Sydney Motorsport Park (Eastern Creek) South Circuit


I have stuck with this little car for 5 years. It started off as the slowest car in a typical supersprint field with me as the driver however hundreds of modifications and a bunch of driving improvements have put us much closer to the pointy end.

I was over the moon when I saw a 1:04.0 […]

Ascend of Rašica with road bike


Cool video of the bike ride to the Rašica hill outside Ljubljana, Slovenia. It includes GPS data dashboard.

There is some clanking noise, because camera was not attached properly.

Enjoy! 🙂

Camera(s) Used:

Data Source(s):
Garmin 800

Ferrari F1 Sets New Lap Record at Laguna Seca!


Ferrari Racing Days @ Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca
Date: May 20, 2012
Session Time: 1135hrs
Record Setting Lap Time: 1:05.78

Ferrari F1 Test Driver: Marc Gene
2003 Ferrari F1 (formerly driven by Rubens Barrichello)

Edited by: Vision Wells | On-Track Video Productions
Video shot by Rod Rojas / GoPro

Camera(s) Used:

Data Source(s):
Qstarz GPS

Radical SR3 at Taupo Racetrack


Richard Kelly in the Atomise/ Wilford Motorsport Radical SR3 sportscar competing at the Tasman Revival meeting at Taupo Motorsport Park 10/11 Jan 2014.
This event was event three of the NZ Sportscar Championship. This is our second race of the weekend. Keep a close eye on Kevin Addington’s Radical Clubsport (turbo 1300) during the first racing […]

Half Marathon with Heart Rate, Speed, Cadence, and Position


I had an idea to record Helsinki Half Marathon with heart rate, speed, cadence, and position on top of the video. I had my GoPro strapped to my forehead, and I recorded the other data with Suunto sports watch and its accessories. Enjoy!

Camera(s) Used:
GoPro Hero3+ Silver

Data Source(s):
Suunto Ambit watch, foot pod, and HRM

Living the Dream


A small video of myself paragliding in Lake Annecy France, The Blorenge mountain Abergavenny UK & the Atlas mountains in Morocco.

Camera(s) Used:
Gopro Hero 2

Data Source(s):
DashWare & Flymaster Gps

Zwartkops Raceway – 10 laps battling faster cars


Set in South Africa at Zwartkops Raceway in Pretoria, this is the 5th race of the Lotus Register championship. On board with Gerdus Smit, car L51 chasing class C and B cars with 30% more power.

Gerdus managed to finish 2nd in his class, but his main challenger for the race, a class C car, beat […]

Stall Speed Development


Stalls Speed Determination in the Beechcraft Model 76 Duchess with Various Flap Settings

Camera(s) Used:
GoPro, Drift HD

Data Source(s):
Appareo GAU1000, Garmin 296 GPS

Arducopter + GoPro + DashWare Gauge Overlay = Awesome

Cool Arducopter video showing flight mode, speed, altitude, satellite count, distance, GPS, battery and ascent.

One of the coolest things about working at DashWare is seeing new videos posted from all over the world.  My favorite part Jörg Kampmann’s video is watching the Arducopter draw a circle on the map when he changes the flight mode to […]

206kph at Zwartkops in South Africa with GoPro, GPS and Gs

Jaco Gous hits 206kph at Zwartkops in South Africa.  Displayed for your enjoyment are speed, lap statistics, location on track and g-force.

BMW Chasing Stingrays and Vipers – GoPro Video with AiM Solo Telemetry

Terry Perkins chases down a 2015 Corvette Stingray and  a Viper at Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch.   Using a GoPro, AiM Solo DL & Dashware, he puts us in the car with him.   Terry displays all of the data logging channels in his cluster including gas, oil, time and air temperature.  He also created […]

GoPro Speedometer from Three Kart Drivers in Brazil

Ricardo use his Qstarz BT-Q1000ex, GoPro, and Atibaia 13HP to create a great karting video.  Watch as he races around the track with Regis and Fabio.  Speedometers and track position for all three drivers as well as lap data overlays put us in the action.

GPS Video Overlay Software Enhances Base Jump in Wingsuit

DrunkRD used DashWare GPS video overlay software to add telemetry data to his GoPro videos.  Now, we can all see how fast he is falling, far he is gliding and how long he is airborne as he jumps off of cliffs and out of planes.  This video features altimeter, glide ratio, ground speed, vertical speed […]

Octocopter with Flytrex Chasing Ships

Johnny Truesdell chases ships down the river with his custom octocopter.  Data is from a Flytrex module.  Video from a GoPro.  Every piece of speed, heading, distance, and position data you can imagine are displayed.

46 KPH for 4 KM – High Speed Cycling Interval Training

Using his GoPro 3 HD and Runtastic GPS, Alexus captures his high speed training ride with Kalle.

Evo X MR Chasing Ferrari F430 at Thunderhill

TNN35 chases a Ferrari F430 at Thunderhill.  His gauge overlay is so impressive that it made our homepage.

Cycling Telemetry Using GoPro Video and Garmin Data

The cycling telemetry overlay on this GoPro video by “The Belle Velo” is beautiful.  The quantity of information presented in a elegant block is very impressive.  The heart and power zone gauges are compelling.

Tutorial Showing How to Add Flytrex Data to GoPro Video


Frank created this video for fellow Flytrex enthusiasts.  In it, he shows how to overlay gauges on GoPro video taken from his DJI Phantom.

DJI Phantom with Flytrex Telemetry Overlay on GoPro Video

Frank D’Amato flying his DJI Phantom with altimeter, latitude/longitude, map and bearing overlays.  Data is from his Flytrex logger and video is from his GoPro.  Frank is an advanced DashWare user who has created several tutorials for his Flytrex friends.

F1 Powerboat Race GoPro Video with GPS Overlay

Julian Stilwell driving his F1 powerboat with speedometer, course, G-force, and lap overlays on GoPro video using QStarz data.  He regularly hits 170 KPH with 90 KPH through turns.  Check out the g’s.


Dragon Boat Race with GoPro Video and Garmin GPS Overlay

Using video from a GoPro and GPS data from his Garmin, Fai Yip puts us in his dragon boat.  Speedometer, map and lap gauge overlays all come together to show viewers the power and skill of his team.