Project Description

The QuickFire is rush to market challenge. Built a system that would perform data logging of temperature, sound, light, and accelerometer sensors using an Arduino Uno board to MicroSD card. The data would be combined with GPS data and represented visually using an overlay. It had to be completed in 48 hours.

Thank you to the following folks:
Jeremy Blum (, your tutorials were instrumental in making this possible.
The folks at Arduino for the code, SD, SerialSoft, and the Wire libraries.
Nathan Seidle at SparkFun Electronics – 3 axis code monster, without it I’d be lost.
The folks at Parallax for the SD Micro adapter
The folks at Adafruit for forum tips on how to connect the SD adapter.
The folks at Atmel for the fine micro controller.
Techmoan and Chuck Lohr for tips and tricks on the 808-16 dvr camera.
The folks at Google for the MyTracks android app for logging GPS data.
DashWare for giving me the ability to make all that boring data sexy.
Finally, velcro and hot glue, it really kept it together for me.

Camera(s) Used:
808-16 Keychain Camera

Data Source(s):