Project Description

On board with Adam Shale in #66 Hyundai Coupe as part of the Nippon Challenge racing series at Donington Park. The car is pretty much a standard road car, with uprated suspension, a full roll-cage and stripped out interior- everything else is as it left the factory – not bad for an engine that has done over 80,000 miles!
Some slight contact at the end of the first lap put me into a slide which ended up with me having to take action to recover. Although I was racing the other cars immediately around me (Toyota MR2 Mk 1), I was ahead some distance of the other cars in my class, and finished first in class (GT150 for cars up-to 150bHp).

Camera(s) Used:
GoPro HD Hero, “Cheap” external camera for rear

Data Source(s):
AIM Solo GPS Data Logger