Project Description

This video covers my best lap of the testing day at Wakefield Park Raceway.

Once I created the video overlays using Dashware, I instantly realised my air temperature sensor had failed, giving me a reading of -10 degrees C when under bonnet temperatures should have been around 60 degrees C. This is something I missed through the data analysis application we use.

Additional fuel was injected to compensate for the lower air temperature reading and you can see the injector duty cycle frequently exceeds 100% causing the engine control unit to overheat and cut-out.

Engine power was down.

When I purchased a licence to Dashware, I thought it would just be for a bit of fun but I now realise it’s an important part of data analysis as it helps display logged data in a much more understandable format, alongside video footage.

I’m thinking of logging my heart rate next time. Who knows what I’ll learn…

Camera(s) Used:
Go Pro Hero 2

Data Source(s):
AiM Solo DL, Haltech ECU