Bike Interval – Copenhagen Airport – Shimano Sport Camera


This is a bike interval around the south part of Copenhagen Kastrup airport (including a train and a landing airplane :-))
The gauges are some that I am working on, partly inspired by the gauges from TheBelleVelo.

Camera(s) Used:
Shimano Sports Camera

Data Source(s):
Garmin 1000, Stages wattmeter

Cycling Telemetry Using GoPro Video and Garmin Data

The cycling telemetry overlay on this GoPro video by “The Belle Velo” is beautiful.  The quantity of information presented in a elegant block is very impressive.  The heart and power zone gauges are compelling.

Advanced Cycling Telemetry with ContourGPS Video and Garmin Data

Reycing Beltran artfully displays lap, position, speed, distance, temperature, gear, ascent, grade and heart rate over his Ontario race video.
The video comes from a ContourGPS.  Data was collected with a Garmin EDGE 500 .