Stages Power Meter

Bike Interval – Copenhagen Airport – Shimano Sport Camera


This is a bike interval around the south part of Copenhagen Kastrup airport (including a train and a landing airplane :-))
The gauges are some that I am working on, partly inspired by the gauges from TheBelleVelo.

Camera(s) Used:
Shimano Sports Camera

Data Source(s):
Garmin 1000, Stages wattmeter

Descending Mount Buffalo – in real time with telemetry overlay


Taken during TeamMOTU’s pre-season training camp, this is Deans descent of Mount Buffalo, in Victoria’s Alpina region, Sunday 8 Dec 2013.

Dean’s self assessment – “meh, comfortable, coulda been faster”, my objective cycling assessment of his interpretation – “holy sh–!”. Note the sweet car overtake beginning at 13:10 (albeit the telemetry shows the lost momentum and […]